So you received your SlumberPod order or you are the lucky recipient of a SlumberPod as a gift. Here are some tips for success from our beta testers, happy customers and the two moms who invented this awesome travel gear for families with little ones.


1. Do a little happy dance because YOU, my friend, are going to sleep better on trips.  

Better than your next door neighbor with small children who doesn’t have a SlumberPod. Better than you as your pre-SlumberPod self. No more stress about if your baby will see you across the room in the hotel room, or needing to fashion homemade sleep nook situations that are unsafe, cumbersome or ineffective. Your pod will come in handy in bright beach houses or at your in-laws’ house — whether you’re room sharing or not.  

If you gifted a SlumberPod to someone in your network, please share this content with them, then pat yourself on the back because you are awesome.  

2. Make sure your baby is comfortable using the pod, in advance of your trip.  

We rounded up some feedback from beta testers on how to best prepare your baby for sleeping in his or her new travel sleep accessory.  

  • Set up the pod at home before your trip (the printed instructions are sewn into the draw-string carrying bag or can be downloaded here.)

  • IMPORTANTMake sure poles are fully assembled (fitted together to make one long straight pole ensuring joints are joined securely) before putting the ends in the pole pockets located at each of the four corners of SlumberPod next to the floor. Help lift up the apex (where the two poles cross) with your hand while securing each pole end in the pole pockets. And don't bend the poles with force as the poles are sturdy but not indestructible.

  • Put the SlumberPod in the living room for your kid(s) to explore 

  • If possible, have your child sleep in their playard and SlumberPod at home before traveling. We suggest trying at bedtime first as your little one is more tired at this time. 

  • If your baby or toddler is nervous about zipping the main zipper closed, try letting them sleep the first time or two with the zipper open or partially open — then they may be more comfortable zipping it later. 

  • And/or let your baby fall asleep with the zipper open or partially open, then zip it up after he/she falls asleep. SlumberPod works well to block light even with the zipper open with that side positioned away from the light source. 

  • Change is “no problem” for some babies and other babies need a transition plan. Make sure you are positive and happy when trying SlumberPod with your baby — as they may take cues from you on how to react.

  • Note: To regulate air flow and temperature, open some or all of the ventilation panels and/or the large zippered window. Recommended use is with the vents open - especially over night sleep. 

3. Tell your friends!  

Especially as a small business, word-of-mouth referrals are our bread and butter. If you love your SlumberPod and the additional sleep it’s given you on your vacations, mention it to another mom at the playground, post a picture on social media (tag @SlumberPod) and/or forward one of our emails to a few of your besties. It would mean so much to us, not to mention get you some brownie points with old and new friends alike. We also hope you’ll leave positive reviews on Facebook.  

Please send us your tips to add to this article. And we’d love to feature you and your baby on our Social Media. Send a picture and details to — and mention that you give us permission to post.  

4. Remember to register your pod ownership online so we can contact you with important product updates.

Here’s to more nighty-nights!

Katy & Lou 
Co-founders (and more importantly, moms), SlumberPod

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